Born on January 27 1935, at Onashiku shaLaban near Oshakati in Oshana Region, Shikomba joined OPO in 1959 and subsequently Swapo in 1960.

He joined the South West Africa Liberation Army (Swala) in 1966 and received military training at Omugulugwombashe in the same year, specialising in intelligence.

Shikomba participated in the Omugulugwombashe battle on 26 August 1966 and was shot, captured and taken as a prisoner to Pretoria.

He was later brought back to Namibia for his trial. He was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment on Robben Island where he remained until his release on 11 May 1984.

Upon his return to Namibia, Shikomba worked for the Council of Churches in Namibia (CCN) until 1990.

On 26 August 2007 he was honoured on Heroes' Day at Eenhana for his participation in the liberation struggle. He was made an honorary Colonel.

Shikomba is survived by his wife, Wilhelmine Shikomba, the first ELCIN woman pastor in Namibia and their only daughter, Ndilipo-Ndinealgo Judith (21), currently a Computer Technician.</

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