Dr Phuthuma (also documented as Phutuma and Phatuma) Seoka was born in 1922 in Modjadji near Duiwelskloof, Lebowa. Seoka left school in Standard VI and spent sixteen years in Johannesburg. In 1953 he established 'Seoka's Twin 'Products' and a herbalist trade in patent medicines and remedies. In 1966 he returned to Molototsi near Duiwelskloof and opened a barber's. He began carving cows horns during a drought. He was later sculpting soap stone and indigenous woods.


Milner Park, Johannesburg (SA contemporary art).

[985: Africana Museum in Progress, Johannesburg (Tributaries).

Market Gallery (Out of Africa).

1986: WITS (two-person exhibition with Dr Jim Magumu).

SAAA, Western Cape.

WITS (Standard Bank Foundation Collection of African. Art).

1987: Goodman Gallery (solo).

Basel, Switzerland (Art Fair, exhibited by Linda Good>man with Norman Catherine).

Standard Bank National Arts Festival, Grahamstown (VhaVenda exhibition).

Passe Par Tout Gallery, Johannesburg (group).

1988: SAAA, Pretoria (VhaVenda/Shangaan Wood sculpture).

JAG (Vita Art Now).




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