Coopoosamy, the eldest son of Thambi and Veerammal Naidoo, was sentenced in 1909 to seven days with hard labour for hawking without licence.

He went hawking again with Manilal Gandhi in February 1910. Again, he was arrested and charged with hawking without licence, and for not having a registration certificate under the Asiatic Act. He was sentenced to three months with hard labour. After his release, he was one of the pioneer settlers at Tolstoy Farm

 After the start of the third phase of the Satyagraha in 1913, he went to Christiana and from there to Newcastle and then Charlestown. He was in the Great March but was not arrested. He returned to Charlestown where he assisted in the care of the families of imprisoned strikers. He made several attempts to court arrest by crossing the Natal-Transvaal border, but on each occasion he was recognised and allowed to pass unchallenged.

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