Chris Qwazi, a photo-journalist, started out as a freelancer in the 1980s at a time of increased resistance against Apartheid in Port Elizabeth, and the Eastern Cape. He photographed this era and continues to record images of contemporary, post-apartheid South Africa in the Eastern Cape.

Qwazi was an early member of the photo agency Afrapix, which he joined in the 1980s.

In 1983, Qwazi started working for a local newspaper, The Daily Sun.

Qwazi also contributed towards the book, as well as the exhibition titled, Beyond the Barricades, in 1989.

Beyond the Barricades (1989)
Beyond the Barricades (1989)

Qwazi, documented the history of the Port Elizabeth Black Civic Organization 3 (Sipho Hashe, Qaqawuli Godolozi, Champion Galela) and Congress of South African Students 2 (Siphiwo Mthimkulu and Topsy Madaka), who were brutally murdered by Apartheid  security forces.

He exhibited his 1980s portfolio in 2011 at the Red Location Museum in Port Elizabeth.

Today, Chris Qwazi continues to capture compelling images for the Daily Sun.

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