1. What the Revolutionary Oracle Taught Me by Fred Khumalo, delivered at the Fifth Mafika Gwala Lecture, 31 October 2019 | Article, Speeches and Public Statements
  2. Webinar Programme: Socialism, Culture and Networks. Convenor: Omar Badsha | Official Document - Conference Paper
  3. The Colors of Resistance in Apartheid South Africa: Black Consciousness Poetry and the Racial Elusiveness of Wopko Jensma | Article
  4. Some Aspects of Black Culture and its Value in the Black World by Strini Moodley | Article
  5. Review of Neville Alexander’s Book: “One Azania One Nation” by I.B.Tabata, 14 March 1980 | Book Review
  6. Lessons from Black Wednesday by Jerome Klaaste, 18 October 2019 | Article
  7. Interview with Oliver Tambo in Luanda after summit meeting of Presidents of frontline states and Southern African Liberation Movements, 01 March 1977
  8. Collaboration and Debate in the ‘Durban Moment’: Steve Biko, Richard Turner and the politics of Black Consciousness, 1970-1974 by Ian Macqueen, University of the Witwatersrand | Article
  9. Class versus Nation - A History of Richard Turner's Eclipse and Resurgence by Ian Macqueen | Article
  10. Black Consciousness, Black theology, student activism, and the shaping of the new South Africa by Professor N. Barney Pityana, 9 October 2012, South Africa
  11. Black consciousness and the land question by Pandelani Nefolovhodwe, 17 March 2015, South Africa
  12. Being-Black in the World by N.C. Mangayi
  13. Apartheid Super Spy, Craig Williamson’s Trails of Death and Destruction: The Scandinavian Connection, (Responses to recent exposures in Jyllands Posten) by Prithiraj Dullay | Article