17 May 1977
A White-only referendum in South West Africa /Namibia gave an overwhelming support for plans for Black majority rule in the country. Out of the total White population of 99,000, fifty-two thousand of them voted yes on the Turnhalle draft constitution in May 1977, with almost 95 percent of them supporting an interim government leading to independence. Before the apparent impasse arose over the Waldheim plan for independence, several parties formed in anticipation of forthcoming elections. Some of these parties continued to campaign for support but also directed more attention towards changes in South Africa and United Nations support than towards their prospective constituents. Of the five parties only two of them had indicated that they would participate in the South African sponsored forthcoming elections in December. One of the parties, the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance, was a multi-racial moderate party that came into existence to fulfill the independence aspirations reflected in the Turnalle Convention. Although led by a White, Dirk Mudge, the party enjoyed strong support among the Herero people in central Namibia.

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