8 August 1981
Location: back to this day in history search archive During the summit conference organised by non-racial labour unions at Langa, Cape Town, Trade Union delegates discussed South Africa's labour laws for the first time since the 1950s. Non-racial unions agreed to continue their defiance of Apartheid laws, specifically labour laws. The summit passed resolutions condemning: The legal requirement of trade unions to register The Industrial Council System Government interference in the internal affairs of trade unions Government attempts to control trade unions The unions also condemned the Ciskei government for harassing workers. The Langa summit came a year after the Wiehahn commission on labour was tabled before parliament. Click here to read more about labour and Wiehahn commission. Related: References: (1981).' Unions to defy laws', in Grassroots, Vol 2. No 6. [Online], available at: disa.nu.ac.za (accessed 2 August 2004).