2 August 1928
On 2 August 1928, Italy signed a twenty-year treaty of friendship with Abyssinia (now known as Ethiopia). In the treaty, which was called the Italo-Ethiopian Treaty of 1928, also known as the Italo-Ethiopian Treaty of Friendship and Arbitration, Italy agreed to upholding lasting friendly relations with Ethiopia. In the event of any dispute, the agreement agreed to peaceful resolution through mediation. The main objective of this treaty was to resolve outstanding differences in East Africa. The treaty provided Ethiopia access to the Red Sea port of Asseb (in the Italian colony of Eritrea) and called for the two nations to jointly build a road between Asseb and Dessie.It was on account of the Italo-Ethiopian Treaty of 1928 that Ethiopia, along with Liberia, was not colonised until 1935. In 1935 Ethiopia was invaded and annexed by Italy under Benito Mussolini, who needed to provide land for unemployed Italians and who also coveted the extra mineral resources.

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