26 September 1950
The history of Sasol began in 1927 when a White Paper was tabled in Parliament to investigate the establishment of a South African oil-from-coal industry. It was realised then that, because South Africa did not have crude oil reserves, the country's balance of payments had to be protected against increasing crude oil imports. After many years of research and international negotiations, Die Suid Afrikaanse Steenkool, Olie en Gaskorporasie (the South African Coal Oil and Gas Corporation) was formed and registered on 26 September 1950. The company has developed world-leading technology for the conversion of low grade coal into value-added synfuels and chemicals. Today its operational footprint extends to more than 20 countries and they export to over 100. Sasol is one of the top five publicly listed companies in South Africa and is quoted on the JSE and the NYSE.

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