Kaitlin Bedard

Kaitlin Bedard is a History and Secondary Education major at Bridgewater State University. A life-long resident of Massachusetts, she plans on using her degree to become a teacher in Massachusetts.

Project: Paul Simon’s Graceland and the Anti-Apartheid Cultural Boycott

Kayla Buckley

Kayla Buckley is a senior at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts. She is a History major, with minors in Psychology and Childhood Studies.

Project: The Exile of Lewis Nkosi

Kathryn Driscoll

Kathryn Driscoll is a senior at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts. She is studying Elementary Education and History, and she hopes to become a teacher.

Project: Mary Benson at the United Nations

Sarah Griffin

No biographical information available. 

Project: Robert F. Kennedy’s 1966 Visit to South Africa

Catherine Hurley

Catherine Hurley is from Pembroke, Massachusetts. She is a senior at Bridgewater State University, studying Elementary Education and History.

Project: Edward Kennedy’s 1985 Visit to South Africa

Norman L’Heureux

Norman L’Heureux is a senior at Bridgewater State University, double majoring in History and Secondary Education, with hopes to be a high school social studies teacher in the future. Some of his hobbies include traveling, watching sports, and announcing high school varsity football games.

Project: American Coordinating Committee for Equality in Sport and Society (ACCESS)

Owen Marshall

Owen Marshall is part of the class of 2019 at Bridgewater State University. He is a double major in History and Secondary Education. Throughout his time as an undergraduate, his knowledge of African history has increased at a higher rate than any other topic. His typical research specialties are the histories and cultures of Celtic peoples, primarily of Ireland and Scotland, and he is grateful that he has been able to incorporate those interests into his research for SAHO.

Project: The Irish Anti-Apartheid Movement

Kaitlyn Norton

Kaitlyn (Katie) Norton is a senior at Bridgewater State University, class of 2019. She is a double major in Early Childhood Education and History, with a minor in Irish Studies. Before entering college, she knew very little about the continent of Africa or the occurrences in South Africa due to apartheid. While at Bridgewater State, she has taken 3 classes pertaining to African history, and she has been lucky to have a professor who brings the material to life.

Project: The Fund for a Free South Africa and the Road to Divestment in Massachusetts

Jared Robinson

No biographical information available.

Project: Anti-Apartheid Student Activism at Brown University

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