Pixley ka Isaka Seme Life Timeline

1 October, Pixley ka Isaka Seme is born in Natal.
Seme presents his speech at Columbia University on “The Regeneration of Africa” which wins him the University’s highest oratorical accolade, the George William Curtis medal.
April, Seme graduates with a Bachelor of Arts degree from at Columbia University.
September, Seme is admitted to Jesus College in Oxford in England where begins studying for a law degree.  
Seme follows deliberations on the Union of South Africa Bill (1909), which proposes a framework for the establishment of the Union of South Africa while he is in London.
June, Seme obtains a Bachelor's degree in Civil Law and passes his first bar examinations.
Seme is called to the Bar at the Middle Temple in London.
Seme returns to South Africa and sets up a private practice in Johannesburg. He goes into a partnership with Alfred Mangena.
8 January, Pixley Seme, Alfred Mangena and two other lawyers educated abroad, Richard Msimangand George Montsioa, call for a convention of Africans to form the South African Native National Congress(SANNC).
Bantu/Batho (people) a newspaper that serves a mouthpiece for the SANNC is established by Seme and launched in Johannesburg.
22 March, An article on the South African Native National Congress authored by Seme appears on the Natal newspaper ILanga Lase Natal.
Seme establishes the South African Native Farmers Association, which bought the Daggakraal and Driefontein farms in the Wakkerstroom district in Transvaal.
Seme travels with the Swazi king, Sobhuza II to England to appeal a land dispute against South Africa. He represents the King before the Privy Council.
February, another newspaper, Ikwezi le Africa (the morning star of Africa) is established by Seme.
Seme is elected President-General of the ANC at its annual congress replacing Josiah Tshangana Gumede by a vote of 39 to 14.
July, Abantu/Batho ceases publication.  
Opponents of Seme within the ANC accuse him of ‘culpable inertia' in 1932 and criticize his autocratic and cautious leadership style.
May, Seme delivers his presidential address at the 21st General Annual Conference of the African National Congress.
Seme joins Professor D.D.T. Jabavuin convening the first meeting of the All African Convention(AAC) in Bloemfontein. He later turns against the AAC.
Seme is ousted as president of the ANC and is replaced by Zaccheus Richard Mahabane.
Seme is elected by Alfred Bitini Xumato serve as 'secretary for the chiefs' in Xuma’s first national executive committee.
Seme serves as a member of the African Claims Committee.
Seme works as an attorney with offices in downtown Johannesburg. Anton M Lemdedethe first president of the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) is articled to him as a law clerk.
Lembede and Seme become partners in their legal practice.
7 June, Seme dies in Johannesburg.

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