2021       Awarded Honorary Doctor for Performing Arts from Tshwane University of Technology

2018       Awarded National Order of Ikhamanga (Silver) by President Cyril Ramaphosa

2018       Life Time Achievement Award from the Western Cape Government,

              Department of Arts and Culture

2017       Awarded Honorary Doctor of Philosophy 8th December 2017 from University of Stellenbosch

2015       Arts and Cultural Trust: Lifetime Achievement for Visual Arts :

                        Made member of the Department of Arts and culture Living Legends Project

2003       Awarded citation for Contribution to Resistance Media by Satayagraha Magazine

1996       Awarded scholarship to travel in India by Indian Government

1995       Awarded scholarship to travel and photograph in Denmark, by Danish government

1993       First Prize, “Images of Africa" African Arts Festival Denmark

1969       The Sir Ernest Oppenheimer Memorial Award, First Prize "Art South Africa To-Day",  Durban.

1968       Natal Society of Arts Annual Award

1965       The Sir Basil Schonland Award, “Arts South Africa Today Exhibition”,  Durban


2012       One Hundred Years of The ANC: Debating Liberation Histories Today. 

                        (Edited by Arianna Lissoni, Jon Soske, Natasha Erlank, Noor Nieftagodien

                         and Omar Badsha.)

2010       ‘Bonani Africa 2010 Catalogue.’

                        (Published by SAHO. Curated by Omar Badsha, Jeeva Rajgopaul, Mads Norgaard.)

2002       Amulets and Dreams: War, Youth and Change in Africa.

                        (Published by SAHO, ISS and UNISA Press, August 2002.)

2001       Imperial Ghetto: Ways of Seeing in a South African City.

       (Published by South African History Online, Pretoria.)

2001       With Our Own Hands: Alleviating Poverty in South Africa.

                        (Published by Department of Public Works.)

1989       Beyond the Barricades: Popular Resistance in South Africa.

                        (Co-authored with Alex Harris, Gideon Mendel and Paul Weinberg.

                        Published by Kliptown Books, London and Aperture Publications, New York.)

1986       South Africa: The Cordoned Heart. Edited by Omar Badsha. Text by Prof. Francis Wilson.

                        (Published by Gallery Press, Cape Town and W.W.Norton and Co., New York.)

1985       Imijondolo: 

                        A Photographic Essay on Forced Removals in the Inanda District of South Africa, Natal.

                        (Published by Afrapix.)

1984       90 Fighting Years: A Photographic History of the Natal Indian Congress (NIC).

                        (Co-edited with Roy Padayachee. Published by NIC.)

1978       Letter to Farzanah. Published by the Institute of Black Research.   


2017       A Short History of South African Photography Fotografia Europea,

                       the annual festival of photography held in Reggio Emilia, Italy. 5 May 2017-9 July 2017.

2016       Seedtime April  - January 2017 Museum Africa

                        Group show “Between States of Emergency” Nelson Mandela Centre for Memory

2015       Seedtime Omar Badsha Retrospective – Iziko South African National Gallery

                        24 April – 2 August

                        Seedtime, Durban Art Gallery 22 September – January 2016

2013       “Umlambo – 100 years: Commemorating 100 Years of the Land Act.”

                        Iziko South African National Gallery.

2012       "Walking On Water." District Six Museum, Homecoming Centre, Cape Town. Solo exhibition. 

                        “Rise and Fall of Apartheid.”

                         International Centre for Photography, New York. Group exhibition.

2010       "Samsara: A Continuous Pursuit." DMAG, Durban. Group exhibition.  

                        "Under the Umdoni Tree: The Art of Omar and Ebrahim Badsha."

                        (DMAG, Durban and University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. Group exhibition.)

                        "From Pierneef to Gugulective, 1910-2010."

                        South African National Gallery, Cape Town. Group exhibition.

                        Bonani Africa Photography Festival, Group exhibition, Cape Town.

2009       "Precedents and Currents."

                         Mayibuyi Centre, University of Western Cape, Bellville. Group exhibition.

                         "South-South: Interruptions & Encounters."

                        (Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, Hart House,

                         University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada. Group exhibition.)

2007       “Africa South.” Association for Visual Arts, Cape Town. Group exhibition.

2006       University of De Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Group exhibition.

                       "The World of Small Things." DMAG, Durban. Solo exhibition.

                        "Black Brown White: Photography from South Africa."

                         Kunsthalle, Wien, Germany. Group exhibition.

2005       “Two Lenses – Two Visions – One Experience.”

                        (With Peter Magubane. The Museo de La Ciudad, Cuernavaca, Mexico.)

                        "ReVisions: Expanding the Narrative of South African Art."

                        South African National Gallery, Cape Town. Group exhibition. 

                        "A Place Called Home."

                        (Touring exhibition: NSA, Durban; South African National Gallery, Cape Town

                         and Johannesburg Art Gallery

                         , Johannesburg.  Group exhibition. )

2004       Oslo, Norway. Solo exhibition.

                        "Narratives, Rituals and Graven Images,"

                        Saba Cultural Centre, Tehran, Iran. Solo exhibition.

                        "A Place Called Home."

                        Travelling exhibition: Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg. Solo exhibition.

                        Group exhibition,  Oman . December 2004.

                        “Ties that Bind.” Durban Art Gallery. Group exhibition.

2003       "August 9 Celebrating Women." Durban University, Westville. Group exhibition.

2002       "Shooting Resistance," Axis Gallery, New York, USA. Group exhibition.

                        "Imperial Ghetto," Alliance Ethio-Francaise, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Group exhibition.

                         "Amulets and Dreams: War Youth and Change in Africa,"

                         (International travelling exhibition: DMAG, USA and Canada. Group exhibition.)

                        "Bonani Africa Festival of Photography,"

                        Museum Africa, Johannesbug and Pretoria Art Gallery, Pretoria. Group exhibition.

2001       "Imperial Ghetto." DMAG, Durban. Solo exhibition.

                        "Narratives, Graven Images and Rituals."

                        Iziko South African National Gallery, Cape Town. Solo exhibition.

                       "With Our Own Hands." University of South Africa, Pretoria. Group exhibition. 

2000       "Portrat Afrika." Haaus de Kulture der Weld, Berlin, Germany. Solo exhibition.

                         African Identities Conference, Adelaide University, Australia. Solo exhibition.

1998       "Eye Africa – African Photography 1840-1998."

                         (International travelling exhibition, Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town. Group exhibition.)

1996       National Women’s Day Exhibition, House of Parliament, Cape Town. Group exhibition.

                        Cape Town Festival, Centre for the Book, Cape Town. Group exhibition.

                        "Portraits." South African National Gallery, Cape Town. Group exhibition.

                         "25 Years of Photojournalism." Cape Town, Johannesburg and U.K. Group exhibition.

                         "Photo Synthesis: Contemporary South African Photography,"

                         South African National Gallery. Group exhibition.

                        Grahamstown Festival, Grahamstown. Group exhibition.

                         "Imperial Ghetto." South African High Commission, Pakistan. Solo exhibition.

1995      "Peoples Portraits." South African National Arts Gallery, Cape Town.  Group exhibition.

                        "Images of Denmark." Copenhagen City Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark.  Solo exhibition. 

1993       "Images from Africa." Denmark. Group exhibition.

1992       "Visual Arts Group."

                        Travelling exhibition: Zolani Centre, Nyanga East; Uluntu Centre, Guguletu;

                         Manenberg Peoples Centre, Cape Town;

                        South African Association of Arts, Cape Town. Group exhibition.

1991       ANC National Conference, Durban. Group exhibition.

1990       "Omar Badsha, David Goldblatt and David Lurie."

                        Portfolio Gallery,  London. Group exhibition.

                        "South Africa: Beyond the Barricades." Zabalala Festival, London.

                        (Also  travelled to Paris and New York, Group exhibition.)

                        "On Education."

                        University of Cape Town African Studies Centre, Cape Town. Solo exhibition.

1988       Alternative Museum, New York, USA. Group exhibition.

                        Children on the Frontline Conference, Harare, Zimbabwe. Group exhibition.

                         Human Rights Conference, Port Elizabeth. Group exhibition.

                        Artists for Human Rights Exhibition, Durban. Group exhibition.

                        Documentary Photography Conference, Cape Town. Group exhibition.

                        United Women’s Congress (UWCO) Festival, Samaj Centre, Cape Town. Group exhibition.

                        Staffrider 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Market Gallery, Johannesburg. Group exhibition.

1987       History Workshop, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. Group exhibition.

                       Shell Gallery, Cape Town. Solo exhibition.

                       "Beyond the Hidden Camera.”

                       Culture in Another South Africa Festival, Amsterdam, Holland. Group exhibition.

1986       "South Africa in Conflict – End Conscription Campaign."

                        Baxter Theatre, Cape Town. Group exhibition.

                        Weekly Mail Book Week, Cape Town. Group exhibition.

1985       Staffrider photographic exhibition. Group exhibition.  

                        "South Africa: The Cordoned Heart." International Centre for Photography,  New York, USA.

                        (Group exhibition. *This show travelled in the USA for nearly ten years.)

                        "South Africa: The Cordoned Heart." Photographers Gallery, London. Group exhibition.

1984       “Omar Badsha and Paul Weinberg.” NSA Gallery, Durban. Group exhibition.

                        Staffrider Annual Exhibition. Market Photo Gallery, Johannesburg. Group exhibition.

                         History Workshop, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. Group exhibition.

                        "South Africa: The Cordoned Heart." University of Cape Town, Cape Town. Solo exhibition.

                        "Nichts Wird Uns Trennen."

                        Frankfort, Germany. Group show of South African photographers.

1983       "South Africa Through the Lens."

                        (Staffrider photographic exhibition, Market Photo Gallery, Johannesburg. Group exhibition.)

                        History Conference, University of Natal, KwaZulu-Natal. Solo exhibition.  

                       "Imijondolo." Market Photo Gallery, Johannesburg. Solo exhibition. 

                       "Imijondolo." Merebank Public Library, Durban. Solo exhibition. 

                       "Omar Badsha with Peter Mackenzie."

                        (Botswana National Gallery,  Gaborone, Botswana. Group exhibition.)

                        Stockholm Culture Centre, Sweden. Group exhibition.

1982       "We Photograph." DMAG, Durban. Group exhibition.

                        "South Africa: Photo Statements,"

                        South African National Gallery, Cape Town and National Touring Exhibition,

                        Group exhibition.

                        Culture and Resistance Conference, Gaborone,  Botswana. Group exhibition. 

                        Creative Arts Society, University of Durban, Westville. Group exhibition.

                        Cultural Festival: 

                        Bosmont Township, Johannesburg. Group exhibition.

                        Cultural Festival:

                       University of Natal, Allan Taylor Residence, KwaZulu Natal. Group exhibition. 

                       Imperial Ghetto. 6 September 1982. Nuffield Gallery, Durban. Group exhibition.

1981       Market Photographic Gallery, Johannesburg. Solo exhibition.

                        University of Durban, Westville. Group exhibition.

1980       "You Have Struck a Rock: Women and Resistance in South Africa."

                        Durban and Cape Town. Group exhibition.

1979                "Letter to Farzanah." NSA Gallery, Durban. Solo exhibition.         

                        "Letter to Farzanah." Pietermaritzburg Public Library, Pietermaritzburg.

                        ( Solo exhibition.)

1978       "Some South African Photographers." DMAG, Durban. Group exhibition.

1972       "Omar Badsha, Mahomed Timol and Duke Ketye." NSA Gallery, Durban. Group exhibition.

                         "Natal Contemporary Art." DMAG, Durban. Group exhibition.

1971       "Omar Badsha and Wiseman Mbambo." NSA, Durban. Group exhibition.

                        "Omar Badsha, David Cremer, D. Wilmot." Nuffield Arcade, Durban. Group exhibition.

                        "Arts South Africa Today, 1971." DMAG, Durban. Group exhibition.

                        NSA Gallery Group Exhibition. Durban

1970       Artists Gallery, Cape Town. Solo exhibition.

                        "Graphic Work by Natal Artists." DMAG, Durban. Group exhibition.

1969       “Art South Africa Today.” Durban Art Gallery.

1968       Artists Gallery, Cape Town. Group exhibition.

                       "NSA Annual Members Exhibition." NSA, Durban. Group exhibition.

1966       "Artists of Fame and Promise." Adler Fielding Gallery, Johannesburg. Group exhibition.

                        "Trans-Natal Group."

                        With Bill Ainslie, Dumile Feni, Durant Shilali, Shireen Timol and Abdul Motala.

                         Natal Society of Arts Gallery (NSA), Durban.

                         (Group exhibition.)

1965       "Art South Africa Today." Durban Municipal Art Gallery (DMAG), Durban. Group exhibition.

Collections in the Archives