Lerato Maduna was born in Soweto in 1985. Studied various courses in photography at The Market Photo Workshop including the yearlong Photojournalism and Documentary Programme(PDP) in 2006.Was invited to the International Institute of Journalism in Berlin- during 2006 FIFA tournament in 2006. International Organization of Migration (IOM)- 'Back and Forth' group exhibition on Informal cross-border trade in the SADEC region 2006. Musing Street Exhibition: a breakdown of the Back and Forth series 2006. Digital Stories done in collaboration with migrant labourers - IOM migration 2007. Lost and found group exhibition a collaborative workshop between students from the Wits School of Arts and the Market Photo Workshop, facilitated by Eija Keskinen. Keskinen, a Finnish photographer, was awarded a photographic commission as part of the International Photographic Research Network (IPRN) project 2007.Production collaboration with blacklinesonwhitepaper architecture & urban design company for the 3rd International 
Architecture Biennale Rotterdam 2007.MTN City Creative Award nomination 2007-student category- exhibition- Museum Africa. Production collaboration on a project called Locating 2010 on soccer, with blacklinesonwhitepaper architecture & urban design company for the Biennale de Venezia 2008.
I am not afraid. group exhibition at the Aspekte Galerie at the M[Inchner Volkshochschule in Munich, Germany. (Diski 9/9 series on township soccer)
The exhibition was curated by Christine Frisinghelli the editor of Camera Austria, and Walter Seidl 2009.Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC, Impact stories were Two teams of journalist and photographers were sent to areas where SDC has been operating through projects related to HIV/AID, management of natural resources and food security2009/1 0. Produced a body of work for Khanya college for their closed construction project on hostel architecture, some of the work is part of the permanent exhibition at the Workers Museum.2009/10.Photographer for developing educational material for The Academy for Educational Development2009/10.3rd PHOTAFRICA CONTEST 2010-Exhibition organized by the CAF -Andalusian Centre of Photography and the African Film Festival of Tarifa (FCAT)2010.

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