A Coloured people’s political organisation, African People’s Organisation (APO), previously known as the African Political Organisation is formed in Cape Town.


Union of South Africa, which would be later called the Republic of South Africa, is formed. It unified the previously pided British Colonies, the Cape colony (consisting of the present day Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and some parts of the North West province) , Transvaal colony(present day Gauteng, Limpopo and Mpumalanga), Orange River colony (present Day Free state) and the Natal Colony (now KwaZulu Natal)


African National Congress (ANC) is formed. The ANC was founded by John Dube, Pixley ka Isaka Seme and Sol Plaatje. It has been the ruling party in South Africa since apartheid.


The state of Israel is established. Israel is Western Asia at the coast of the Mediterran Sea. It north boarders is Lebanon; in its east is Jordan. Israel partially controls some of the Palestinian territories like West bank and Gaza.


The Freedom Charter is written in South Africa. It was the statement that consisted of the South African Congress alliance’s Principles. The South African Congress alliance consisted of the African national congress the Coloured People's Congress and the South African Indian Congress.


The State of Ghana, previously known as the Gold Coast, gains independence from the British. Ghana become the first country in sub-Saharan to be independent. Under the leadership of Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana supported nationalist movements and encouraged other African countries to do the same. Nkrumah also contributed to the spread of Pan Africanism across Africa.


There is war between Israel and Arab states. This war is known as “the Six Day War”. It happened as a result of Israelis assumption that the Arab countries were going to attack Israel. So Israel attacked first before the Arab States could attack. Israel attacked Syria, Egypt and Jordan. When Israel won the war, it took many Arab territories; among those is the West Bank. This meant that the Palestinian refugees who were in these territories like West Bank, Sinai and Gaza were once again under the control of the Israelis military. A further ill-treatment of these Palestinian refugees by the Israelis military happened.


First Anti-fada (Arab-uprising) happens in Palestine. This started when the Palestinians in the Israel occupied territories became angry when Jews began settling in Israel.  They then formed an uprising called intifada, which is Arabic for uprising, where they organised strikes and protests, attacking the Israelis soldiers by stones. In response, the Israelis solders shot, beat and injured the protesters; some Palestinian protesters were imprisoned without trial.


The second Anti-Fada happens. This was due to Palestinians dissatisfaction with the fact that Israel still controlled 60% of West bank. Other issues for the Anti-fadas revolved around the human rights of Palestinian refugees which were allegedly violated by the Israelis soldiers, and Jewish settlements in Israel who occupied Palestinian territories.


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