Discovery of a reliable water source. "To the present generation Currie's Fountain is but a name which marks the recreation grounds below Botanic Gardens, where today the motor racing fans seek the thrills of highly tuned motor cycles tearing by with staccato exhausts in a cloud of dust. But to an older generation it will recall the big water pumping plant devised by Mr. H.W. Currie in 1878, and which saved the town from serious water famine ". Hence, the naming of the stadium 'Curries Fountain'.  
Curries was used as a general sporting facility for indians. As suggested above it appears that Curries was at one time used for motor racing.
Chief Scout Sir Baden Powell was welcomed by Indian scouts and guides at Curries Fountain.
Queen Elizabeth visits Durban, the parade was at Currie's.
Soccer became the dominant use in 60's and 70's while the surrounding community - in Wills road area, Leatheren road, Etna Lane, Ajax and Landsdell Lane - that frequented Currie's was displaced. With the displacement of the residents followed the Schools, Cinema, Flats, Shops and life of the area.
Professional Soccer introduced on a National basis.
Currie's gets floodlights.
Late 1970s-1980s-early 1990s
Up until the late 1970s the predominant use for Currie's Stadium was for sports matches, however the stadium was also used as a venue for protest or organizing (since 1913). In the late 1970's the use of Currie's became more and more dominated by protest and resistance this use carried into the 1980's and into the early 1990's.
Frelimo Rally
By the 90's when all the Liberation organizations where un-banned, Currie's served has a 'home ground' to the ANC Women's League and Mkhonto-We Sizwe in 1993 and ANC electioneering prior to 1994. Many leaders were welcomed home from exile in the stadium.

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