'I am committed through my photographs, to contributing to societal change that will leave a positive legacy for the children of Africa'. Born in 1957 in Nongoma, KwaZulu, and raised in Hluriluwe, Mangete and Baynesfield. I began photography in Durban in the early eighties, my initial impetus being to document the realities of apartheid that I thought were being ignored by the mainstream media. I soon moved to Johannesburg and joined the Afrapix collective and agency. Working largely with NGO's, my focus throughout has been on documenting social change, and in particular rural issues. I continued to work independently after the demise of Afrapix in the early '90's.
Extensive work experience was gained in media such as newspapers, wire agencies, magazines, public relation companies through to corporate. Throughout my career I have exhibited extensively, both locally and abroad. Conducting photography education projects, from workshops for the churches and the labour unions, to being the director of the Market Photography Workshop as well as mentoring and supervising Market Photography students as well as teaching in the Wits University School of the Arts, New York University Tisch School of the Arts exchange programme and The School for International Training, "have also been a consistent feature of my career.
As a contribution to the professionalism of the industry of photography I have been on the national executive of the Professional Photographers of Southern Africa, a body representing photographers. I have been both judge and convener of the Fuji Press Photo Awards and judge on the Vodacom Awards.

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