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Comment: A W Oliphant; Short Stories: The Concrete Fountain. Ahmed Essop; To Speak the Truth, Laughing by Rose Zwi; Two Prose Pieces by Kai Horsthemke; Only God Knows the Truth by M.S. Qwesha Interview:  David Hlongwane: His Life and Art. Robert Siwanqaza. Essays: Censorship and the Artist. Nadine Gordimer; This Past Must Address its Present by Wole Soyinka; Popular Music and the Markets of Apartheid by Chris Chapman; The Return of the Soldiers by Mafika Pascal Gwala; Beyond the Next Funeral by Kaizer Nyatsumba; Living a Deadly Life by Annemarie van Niekerk; These Sundays by Robert Berold; The Debt by E. de la Harpe; Two Poems by Kobus Moolman; Such Silent Streams by Mcebisi Ntleki; The Song of the Dog. D.P. by Ripinga; When the Children Come Home by Francis Faller; A Dirge to the Gods. J.R. Ratshitanga; It's Over Now by A.H. Magagula; Visuals and Graphics: Linocuts by David Hlongwane; Photograph: Courtesy Ahmed Essop; David Cooper; Roger Meintjies; Graphic by Jeff Lok;  Photographs: Chris Chapman and Clive Dyer. Reports: Cultural Evening at Busang Thakaneng by A. W. Oliphant; The Cultural Boycott: A Tool of Censorship or Liberation? by Achmat Dangor;. S A Writers in Nigeria: Christopher van Wyk; The Progressive Arts Project: Barbie Schreiner