Contents and Contributors

Stories: To Fly by Steve Jacobs ; Pikinini’s Adventure by Walt Oyi Sipho kwa Mthetwa; Don’t Leave Me by Joseph Moladira; Japie and Them by Joel Krige; If you are Not Strong by Milkalena Ndokola Petros; Overtime by Mpumie Cabbe. Poetry: Frank Chipasula; Kim Waite; Joseph Moladira, David Phuti; Joseph Moladira, Lucas Sigela; Andries Oliphant; Lerato N Mzamane, John Eppel; Frank Anthony; Maano d. Tuwani, Louis Charles. Gallery and Graphics: Caroline Cullinan; Mpikayipheli; Garth Erasmus; Mzwakhe. Features: Botswana Festival, Culture and Resistance by Cynthia Kross; Bringing the struggle into Focus by Peter Mackenzie; The Man from the House of Truth by Stan Motjuwadi. Arts and Society: Ntate Sekoto by Mpikayipheli. History Series: Flight in Winter by Sol T. Plaatje.  Book Reviews: by Tyrone August; by Nhlanhla. Photographs: Vicky Alhadeff; Wendy Schwegmann; Lesley Lawson; Kevin Humphrey; Paul Weinberg. Front cover photograph: Jeeva Rajgopaul