Nelson's attachment to property is sentimental rather than material and this is reflected in his attitude to his Orlando home and to land at his birthplace Qunu.


With regard to the so-called ownership scheme our main difficulty is that we are not in occupation and consequently do not qualify. When your man is 1,000 miles away, and if the expectation was that you would not have the constitution nor the guts to stick it out so long at Brandfort, then we cannot expect to share in such schemes. If we could, I would certainly have suggested that we take the ninety-nine year lease and a bond to put up a better house.

The house itself was originally a municipal one, and like all other municipal houses, the plan was drawn up by their own draughtsmen. The outbuilding was built, if I remember correctly, by Mr. Molefe. Ma Diomo's late husband. The garage, as you know, by my gym mate, Peter, who is probably now back at his home in Bloemfontein and our friend, Japan, from O. East. In both cases the plan was drawn by the builders and approved by the superintendent, Mr. Griffiths.

1 July 1979


Have you negotiated with Jongilanga or Nomoscow [a kinsman] about the site at the upper end of Xami's residence? That place may already be occupied, but it was my desire to spend my last days there.

27 March 1977

I wrote two letters to the Magistrate of Umtata, asking for the transfer of the residential and garden lots at Qunu. I also sent the required affidavit to Sabata who was handling the matter. I also paid all the rates up to and including the year 1977. But up to now I have received no acknowledgement or reply from that official. Perhaps you may discuss the matter with Sabata with the suggestion that somebody else, like Mlahleni, should now handle it if Sabata has no objection.