The following list is taken from Frank R. Bradlow and Margaret Cairns, The Early Cape Muslims, appendix II.

A note by the authors says that the list of names is a random selection culled from various sources. The date after the name in brackets is taken from the relative source. Some of the names have been Angli¬cised by the author.

(I have copied only the names of persons from India - and indicated the women by an asterisk- ESR)

*Maria of Bengal (1658)
Joris of Cochin (1662)
Scipio Africanus of Malabar (1668)
Pasquael of Bengal (1669)
*Susanna of Bengal (1669)
*Catrijn of Coast of Coromandel (1669)
*Florinda of Nagapatnam (1672)
Rodrigo of the Coast of Coromandel (1672). (Date may be wrong - it is around 1772 in order in the book)
Hector of the Coast (1673) - i.e. Coromandel
Michiel of Paleacatte (1675) - i.e. Pulicat
Jan of Tuticorin (1675)
Jacob of the Coast of Coromandel (1676)
*Diana of Cochin (1676)
Rodrigo of Malabar (1679)
*Jobique of Malabar (1679)
Tidoer of Goa (1683)
Piet Snap of Bengal (1683)
Louis of Nagapatnam (1683)
*Catharina of Malabar (1687)
*Magdalina of Bengal (1687)
*Maria of the Coast of Coromandel (1688)
*Helena of Cochin (1688)
*Rebecca of Masulipatnam (1689)
Bluksam of Bengal (1691)
Lang Onderwag of Malabar (1692)
Thobe Ginjans of Madras (1692)
Anthony of Tranquebar (1694)
*Sabina of Malabar (1695)
*Jouan of Malabar (1704)
*Rebecca of Malabar (1718)
Domingo of Bengal (1737)
*Maria of Malabar (1737)
Corydon of Bengal (1742)
*Christina of the Coast (1749)
Damon of Bengal (1764)
Pedro of Bengal (1764)
Adam of the Coast (1756)
Floris of the Coast (1741)
*Aurora of Nagapatnam (1762)
Cupido of Tranquebar (1768)
Johannes of the Coast of Coromandel (1774)
*Amelia of Suratte (1778) - that is, Surat
*Johanna of Bengal (1779)
*Rosalie of the Coast (1785)
*Rosalie of Cherumbrum (1787)
Wellekan of Kadiepoena (1788)
*Maria of Bengal (1789)
Karel of Malabar (1816)

(Note by ESR: This seems very incomplete. )