Message from Dr. AB Xuma, President-General of ANC, to the United Nations opposing South Africa`s proposal for incorporation of South West Africa

22 January 1946

The Chairman

General Assembly
United Nations Organization

Africans South Africa protest against incorporation South West Africa into Union. Pray urge control territory by UNO Trusteeship Council. Mandate over territory was under article 22 covenant League Of Nations.

Africans South West Africa no share in government therefore take no part in incorporation Negotiations. South Africa itself denies political and economic rights her 8,000,000 Africans.

83 Percent Land reserved for 2,000,000 Europeans only less than 17 percent for 8,000,000 Africans.
Only 40 per cent African Children accommodated in Mission Schools.

95 per cent africans are imprisoned under Discriminatory Regulations against Africans only. South Africa must first remove colour bar, restrictions, discriminations at home.

(Signed) A.B. Xuma
South African National Congress