The ruling party’s Zizi Kodwa attacked Matthews for playing the “victim game” and described as “opportunistic” the public announcement of his resignation as acting group CEO on Monday.

  • Editors commend Matthews for resigning from SABC

Matthews had declared his decision by posting a photo of his resignation letter‚ addressed to SABC board chair Professor Mbulaheni Mughave‚ on Twitter.

He said he was leaving the SABC as “…the prevailing‚ corrosive atmosphere has impacted negatively on my moral judgment and has made me complicit in many decisions which I am not proud of”.

Kodwa told the SABC it was not something “that we would have expected of him as a professional and a seasoned journalist”.

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“If he was genuine as an employee of the SABC‚ given the challenges that he talked about in his letter‚ he should have approached the board‚ the management even the minister and I’m certain that if anyone has the interests of South African people‚ he would not have made SABC a laughing stock in the manner he has done‚” Kodwa said.

“I think clearly the intention is to add to the narrative that SABC is in disarray…he has allowed himself to be a tool to be used to attack the entire integrity of the SABC.”