"india 's Step Most Timely": Joint Statement By Dr G. M. Naicker And Dr Y. M. Dadoo On The Decision Of The Government Of India To Raise The South African Indian Question Again Before The United Nations General Assembly, July 194820

The Indian people of South Africa welcome this step on the part of the Government of India as being most opportune and timely in view of the present political situation in South Africa .

South Africa can ill afford to incur the hostility of two great countries like India and Pakistan. On the other hand, friendly relations with them can be a great boon to the economic welfare of this country.

The Indian people of South Africa hope that the Union Government will act in terms of the United Nations Assembly's resolution and bring about an honourable solution of the Indian question, failing which they hope that the United Nations will act with dispatch on the recommendations proposed by the Government of India in the interests of relations between the Union of South Africa and the Governments of India and Pakistan, and in the interests of world peace.

From: Passive Resister , Johannesburg, July 23, 1948