Our Banners Dipped

As a young man, Sean MacBride, an Irishman, spent time in prison for his part in the struggle for independence of his own people. From 1973 to 1976, as United Nations Commissioner, he distinguished himself in his work for the independence of Namibia. President Sam Nujoma of SWAPO and President Tambo of the ANC were among those who paid tribute at his funeral in Dublin in January.

President Nujoma said Dr. MacBride’s death had left a void in the ranks of the world-wide, common struggle aimed at human liberty, universal justice, world peace and productive international cooperation.

President Tambo said in his message:

"The ANC ... salutes with pride the contribution of Sean MacBride to the cause of freedom and human emancipation throughout the world. He was a great beacon, guiding and assisting oppressed people to the path of national liberation and self-determination.

"We in the ANC have rich memories of a great Irishman, a revolutionary and freedom fighter, who recognised that freedom, like peace, was indivisible. He fought for peace against the twin evils that face humanity — the scourge of racism and the imminent threat of destruction through nuclear weapons.

"Sean MacBride will also be remembered for the concrete leadership he provided to the liberation movements and peoples of Namibia and South Africa, driven by his own personal and political insight, arising out of the cause of national freedom in Ireland. We recall our debt to him in the brilliant way in which he focused the attention of the world on the grim process of colonialism and exploitation in Africa in particular. Our debt to him can never be repaid.

"In extending the sympathies of the ANC to his son and daughter, friends and compatriots, we dip our revolutionary banner to this visionary fighter who did so much to espouse the hopes and needs and demands of ordinary people, not only in his own country, but throughout the world.

"Hamba kahle. Go well, Sean MacBride."

From: Sechaba

ES Reddy