WE, THE PARTIES, organisations and administrations assembled in this Multi-party Planning Conference:
BEING FULLY CONSCIOUS of the responsibility we individually and collectively bear for the well-being of our country;
BEING DESIROUS that the problems of our country should be resolved peacefully through a process of negotiation;
REALISING that the economic upliftment of the country depends on the peaceful resolution of the country's problems, particularly the constitutional crisis (impasse);
ACCEPTING that all the people of this country and the whole community of nations throughout the world look to us to move the country forward towards a non-racial, non-sexist and fully democratic future;


1. commit ourselves, individually and collectively to the resumption of multi-party negotiations in order to move as speedily as possible towards the attainment of our primary objective, which is the drafting and adoption of the new Constitution for South Africa by democratically elected representatives of all the people of this country and also ensuring that neither the present government nor any single party/organisation presides over the process alone.


2. The multi-party forum shall be reconvened as a matter of national urgency, not later than 5 April 1993;
3. Each participating organisation will send two delegates and two advisers.