Some of the old timers believe that Chief Gatsha Buthelezi will free the Black People. This famous "daddy" of the "Zulus" with his "tricks" manages to confuse so many black people. Content, they relax, since their "leader" champions their liberation.

We can sanely advise Mr. Buthelezi that he pauses and examines the amount of responsibility he has assumed. He must try, with sincerity, to assess whether he has the super-ability to liberate the "Bantus."

Some of the masses have pinned their hopes on him and him alone. When Gatsha speaks, they clap hands and say: 'he is giving it to them (Whites) and is sure going to liberate us! We doubt if Chief Buthelezi is that much super.

When Chief Buthelezi was invited to Holland by four World Organisations, he accepted the invitation. Alas! when Baas [Minister of Bantu Administration and Development] M. C. Botha "asked" him not to undertake this trip, he was game. Again he is invited by the Black people in Namibia but he turns down the invitation. Mind you, he is supposed to liberate these very people one day. This time Baas M. C. Botha has "requested" him not to go.

We see this as the same paternalistic attitude over the black people by Whitey. He (Whitey) always has instructed and we always have obeyed. In the same way do we view the M.C. Botha-G Buthelezi relationship. We regret that this" super-man" is known to be our leader by some sects overseas.


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