The formulation and declaration by the United Nations Organisation of human rights and the fundamental freedoms was a great achievement. It marked a significant stage in human development when organised world opinion showed an acceptance of a common humanity of all men and that "all men are born equal and are entitled to civilised human standards of treatment."

Through the lead of some freedom lovers in the United States of America, Human Rights Day - December 107 - was observed in many parts of the civilised world last year.

The suggestion to have it annually found ready endorsement in many quarters including some freedom-loving groups in the Union of South Africa.

This statement is intended to urge and plead for a nation-wide observance of this day again this year.

Whatever is done, should be done in a non-sectarian way and spirit and should be a joint undertaking embracing all freedom-loving groups and individuals in that area.

To do otherwise would be contrary to the nature and spirit of the United Nations Organisation which, for all its shortcomings, tries to be a true representative forum of organised and progressive world opinion and an agency that promotes the cause of peace and freedom in the world.

The anniversary of this Declaration of Human Rights Day should have a special meaning and significance to freedom-lovers everywhere, but more so to the oppressed peoples who are cruelly and unjustly denied these rights and freedoms by the powers that be in their land, as is the case with Non-Whites in the Union of South Africa. The observance should flare up the hope in, and among, the oppressed people that the best is yet to be - and soon too!

I direct member organisations of the Congress Alliance to take the initiative where none has been taken to invite other progressive groups and leading personalities in an area to work in the joint venture to make the anniversary worthy of the noble objectives and status of the United Nations Organisation that formulated and declared these noble human rights and fundamental freedoms.

It is hoped that the observance will prick to repentance the conscience of White South Africa that believes in white supremacy, completely oblivious of the suffering this policy inflicts on the Non White peoples and the harm it does to the name of South Africa in the outside world.