The Honourable B. J. Vorster is not only one of the most active speakers in the Republic of South Africa, but also one of the most sought after. As a speaker he is equally at home in Parliament as WELL as in his appearances outside Parliament. There is always a serious undertone in all his speeches wherever he might appear. And herein lies the particular importance and value of the speeches of this renowned politician and statesman.

Adv. Vorster is a spontaneous speaker who as a rule never writes out his speech entirely and who never hands one of his speeches to the press. He does, however, make some notes before delivering a speech, even on the spot shortly before an appearance.

There is a great difference between the written and the spoken word. To be able to make the spoken word available in written form, careful editing was necessary. However, care was taken to retain, as far as possible, the atmosphere in which the talks took place.