In sincerely wishing you good health, strength and longevity of life, both for your sake and for the sake of the successful prosecution of our struggle for freedom, I wish to say that we are under no illusions as to what the attainment of freedom would cost us in pain and suffering before victory is gained. We know that those who directly or indirectly support the maintenance of the status quo will subject us to untold brutality, slander and abuse. In their efforts to fulfil their baaskap apartheid policy the Nationalist Party, supported by supporters of their policy, will unleash against us all the fury and ferocity, all deadly and diabolic measures in an effort to cow down to submission the masses of the oppressed people, but these efforts are sure to meet with ignominious failure for already we are witnessing heartening times of the awakening of the people...

The days ahead will see the growth of an effective army of liberation which will grow in strength and gain in momentum to become an avalanche that will strike a death blow to oppression in South Africa.

From Treason Trial Transcript, pages 13,304-05

ES Reddy