As the Union Parliament prepares to assemble for its new session, the people of South Africa face the grim prospect of more fascist attacks from the Strijdom police state on their fast dwindling rights.

Our African womenfolk face the ghastly possibility of having to carry passes and suffer all the indignity and oppression of the pass system. Our Coloured people stand to lose their voting rights on the common roll and they, together with the Indian community will have to bear the main brunt of the further and more vigorous implementation of the Nazi ghetto law – the Group Areas Act. Our workers of all races and colours will be confronted with the sinister and foul implications of the new Industrial Conciliation Bill which is intended to destroy workers’ unity, strangulate their trade unions, rob them of their most cherished right – the right to strike – and to place them under the corroding influence of racialism.

In the face of this onslaught the people of our land must rally and stand firmly united in order to turn back the tide of apartheid tyranny.

One of the most important and indispensable weapons in all these struggles is New Age, the people’s paper. Without it the freedom struggle would be so much poorer.

It is, therefore impermissible that we should allow it to remain a four–pager when the needs of the time demand that New Age should be at least an eight-pager, if not bigger. New Age will become an eight–pager before the end of this month! It is our duty and our task to keep it up to eight pages for the duration of 1956.

We must make every effort to raise every single penny we can to support New Age.

We must set to work right now:

We must collect on every pay day from our fellow workers in factory and workshop.

We must collect every weekend from our neighbours in our residential areas.

We must organise concerts, film shows, fetes, bazaars and other forms of entertainment to collect money.

We must regularly donate ourselves.

Act now! Donate and Collect! Help to keep New Age an eight-pager. Every penny for New Age is a penny well spent for freedom!