The African National Congress calls on South Africans from diverse cultural backgrounds, beliefs and historic experiences to celebrate our collective heritage that defines us as nation. As we celebrate this day let us do so with high regard of the developments that ushered a new democracy which has been the foundation of the new identity we have embraced much to the appreciation of the world community.

We need to take pride in our ability to appreciate the positive step that has rebuilt in us a new sense of belonging and appreciation of the richness of our diversity and acceptance of what makes us a more tolerant and appreciative people.

Let us use this moment to recommit ourselves in re-cultivating an even deeper sense of our nationhood and pioneers in embracing what has been a source of our divisions. As South Africans we need to deepen and strengthen our dedication to our South African heritage and nationhood! Owing to our collective heritage, South Africa is indeed becoming a home for all South Africans!

Issued by:

Zizi Kodwa

National Spokesperson

African National Congress

Chief Albert Luthuli House

54 Sauer Street



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Khusela Sangoni +27 (72) 8545707