Congratulations to New Age and its predecessors. Twenty-five years of uninterrupted production is an achievement that is remarkable for the progressive press of any country. It is even more so in the case of New Age and its predecessors which have had to face all the hardships imposed against them by successive Governments.

Despite arrests of members of its staff and bannings, New Age and its predecessors have regularly come out, not giving in on any basic question affecting the civil and political rights of any person, black or white, in this country.

Since my advent into active politics I have found New Age to be forthright and brave.

I have not always agreed with everything it says, but on questions affecting the Non-White people in South Africa, New Age has been and continues to be, the fighting mouthpiece of African aspirations.

I sincerely trust that in the future, too, New Age will play its part in exposing the rottenness of the society in which we live and to this end, I want to add my best wishes to the paper and all members of its staff, from the Editor downwards.

More power to your pens, gentlemen, the people need you as much as they need their organisations.

The struggle to which you have dedicated yourselves must triumph. Forward to a non-racial democratic South Africa in which colour bars and discrimination between man and man will be a thing of the past.

Amandhla! Awethu!

ES Reddy