Indian South Africans timeline 1990-1999

23 July, Billy Nair was detained following police allegations of an MK plot, code-named Operation Vula, to seize power if negotiations failed.  He suffered a heart attack in detention and underwent a by-pass operation.  While recuperating, Billy was charged with nine others but granted indemnity from prosecution. When the SACP was relaunched as a legal body on 29 July 1990, Billy was elected to the Central Committee. He was also a member of the interim leadership group of the ANC in 1990 and was elected to the National Assembly of the South African Parliament in 1994, being 39th on the ANC list of 400 nominees.
1 June, MD Naidoo passes away.
January, George Ponnen passes away in Durban.
April, Karrim Essack died in Dar es Salaam.
Ahmed Limbada went to Botswana and from there to Zambia. Aside from the struggle to set up a political base in exile, he was struck by personal grief when his daughter, Cookie, was killed in a motor accident in 1972. It was a blow from which he never recovered. He cut an increasingly isolated figure until his death from a heart attack.
1 January, Natoo Babenia passed away.  At the time of his death he was working as a volunteer at the Gandhi Library in Durban.