Indian South Africans timeline 1980-1989

Kay Moonsamy was sent to India to replace Mosie Moolla, as ANC representative, for six months.
December, 25 160 Indian families (over 60 000 people) had been relocated as a result of the Group Areas Act. In contrast, a mere 817 white families were resettled, mostly to better areas.
Billy Nair became active in the UDF in the 1980s as a member of the Natal regional executive committee and served on the national executive as well. He was detained in August 1984, just before the Tricameral elections, with Archie Gumede, Mewa Ramgobin, Paul David, George Sewpershad and M.J. Naidoo.  They occupied the British Consulate until 12 December.
August, Billy Nair was detained again after presenting a memorandum to foreign embassies calling on them to take action against the South African government. He was released on 9 October 1985 and went underground until the unbanning of the ANC and SACP in February 1990.
5 January, Natoo Babenia was detained under Section 29.
15 April, Sadhan Naidoo, son of MD and Phyllis Naidoo, was assassinated on an ANC farm in Zambia.